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an 8-Week TRAINING for Men


Emotional Mastery is an 8-week live training for men ready to dismantle persistent blocks and unlock the true nature of their masculine power and depth.


But this is not a scratch-the-surface mindset course. It’s a deep dive into the complex mechanisms of your unconscious where you'll uncover the emotional root of why you self-sabotage.


Get out of the loop. Go deep inside, and free yourself from the web of programming that has kept you from actualizing the life you were born to live.

BONUS: Free lifetime membership in SCHOOL FOR KINGS COMMUNITY,

launching January 2025. VALUE: $600/YEAR



Emotional Mastery is for Men who...

• Are skeptical about therapy but want greater understanding and control over their emotions. 

• Have read all the books, watched all videos, but are still not taking bold action toward their goals.


• Know they're capable of greatness but get paralyzed by doubt and fear.


• Understand true masculine power comes from deep self-awareness and unwavering presence.

• Are ready to commit to the inner work it takes to actualize the life of their dreams. 


We’ll meet every Thursday at 7pm CT for about 90 minutes starting April 11, 2024.


I’ll do an hour of teaching and 30-minutes of Q&A.


Sessions will be recorded, so if you miss or can’t make it live, you will have access to the recording.


There will be assignments in between lessons, journal prompts, exercises, and actions steps. The application of this knowledge is priority.


There will be a text group for accountability and questions. Each man will be asked to commit to habit change during the duration of the course. You’ll be checking in daily with your progress.



Discipline. Routine. Focus. We'll start by brining order to chaos.


This is the beginning of self-knowledge.



Unconscious beliefs, rooted in childhood, are running your life. 


We’ll shine a light on your shadow and free you from its grip.


Nothing that had more impact on your life than your father’s example.


You’ll learn what women desire (but won’t admit) and how to be firm in your masculine power.


Retrain your brain to get what you want.



Foundational protocols to keep on the path.



01_Justin Kim.png

"Out of all the therapies, Tony Robbins events, and other self-improvement workshops I’ve explored, David’s coaching has installed the most useful and most self-verifiable new senses in my body. My confidence in the value David provides is unequivocal. So, so grateful for him and his work."

-Justin Kim

Mark weibe 2.jpeg

"I've known David for a decade, and working with him has impacted my life immensely.  He is kind and compassionate, but he will also challenge you to heal and grow. Working with him is transformational AND enjoyable. Great healers always seem to have a light touch when working with profound life experiences. David does this so beautifully."

-Mark Weibe

04_Harry Sherwood.png

 "Through Dave's guidance, I was able to reconnect and integrate with a long-suppressed primal aspect of my being. I feel amazing and powerful.  My results are a testament to David's guidance and the work he shares." 

-Harry Sherwood

"I have learned from him so much from Dave about how to be a grounded, responsible man, while holding the world with a soft heart. There is a sense of safety and desire to be open that comes with being in connection to a person that is willing to do their own work.  David is one of those people.”

-Brandon Parkhurst

11_Elli Harrington.png

"Working with Dave has changed my life. I have more confidence in myself, more connection to the world, and renewed faith about my future. Memories and experiences from his workshops will be imprinted on my mind and in my soul forever."

-Eli Harrigan

"There’s something different about Dave. About how he shows up in the room, about how he guides you toward the places you may not be seeing in yourself, about his wisdom, and about his trust in your wisdom. I found there’s an electric quality, a spark of aliveness that is ignited in how he cultivates this work. There is a transformational quality with this kind of work and Dave takes that to a whole new level."

– Mike Howell


We are in the midst of massive global change: technological, political, economic, social, psychological, and spiritual. ⁣

Old systems are becoming obsolete. New paradigms are emerging.


And with it, an evolution of our consciousness.⁣

We are expanding our sense of who were are, where we’re going, and what is possible. ⁣

Reality is being redefined.⁣

This transition requires a shift in our mental models, how we see and interpret ourselves and the world. ⁣

All of us carry unconscious assumptions, limiting beliefs, biases, and judgments. These thought patterns were formed in response to our childhood conditioning.

To evolve, we must root out the old programming, freeing ourselves from the matrix of our mind. ⁣

This requires a deep dive into the unconscious, a confrontation with our fear, letting go of everything we think we know. ⁣

This is the hero’s journey.


Those willing to take it will become the leaders of our emerging society.


Others will be left behind, confused by a world that no longer makes sense to them.⁣

My mission is to guide you through this change.


To awaken you to a new way of seeing yourself and the world, and to give you the skills to navigate it.⁣

I’ve dedicated my life to exploring the unconscious through my training in somatic psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, breathwork, shamanic practices, and psychedelics.⁣

I’ve seen how unresolved emotions create distorted thought patterns, controlling the perceptions that make manifest our reality. ⁣

I've learned techniques for shifting your mindset, breaking through emotional blocks, and living a healthy, fulfilling, and integrated life.⁣

Our new world demands evolved thinkers and action takers, a new generation of leaders. ⁣

Are you ready for the next level? Are you ready to evolve?


Some of you may know me from my days as a Hollywood actor

Or from my YouTube interviews with Andrew Tate.

Or my viral videos on Instagram and TikTok.

I've been fortunate to have a lot of success in my life and impact millions of people. 


But what you may not know is I had a rock-bottom moment at the height of my success that lead me on a 10-year quest that changed my life forever...

It started in 2006.


I was living in L.A. 


I was staring on TV sitcom, had two movies coming out, and dating a famous actress.

I never imagined, when I started my career a tiny theatre in Toronto in front of 15 people, that I'd achieve this kind of success.

And yet... I had this lingering feelings of dissatisfaction. 

It was hard to reconcile because on the surface I had it all. What did I possibly have to be unhappy about?

Then my girlfriend dumped me. 


And my TV series was cancelled.


I’d faced heartbreak and disappointment before, but for some reason this time it floored me.


All my doubts and fears came rising to the surface. 

I couldn't shake it.  


I fell into a depression, questioning everything about my life. 

My friend Miguel, a lifelong spiritual seeker, suggested I go to a “Radical Aliveness” workshop at the Esalen Institute, the famous retreat center in Big Sur, California where Human Potential Movement started back in the 60s.


Radical Aliveness?


It sounded weird.


But I was desperate for something different, and Miguel assured me this was real thing.

So I took the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway for a six day experience that would shatter my reality and change the course of my life. 


With a group of twenty people, under the direction of a fearless facilitator named Ann Bradney, I dove head-first into my most intense emotions, uncovering a world of feeling buried inside me since I was boy. 


I felt the pain of my parent's divorce when I was six, and the fear and anxiety it left me with.


I felt my anger toward my mother for leaving my father, and how much I longed for his presence and love.   


I saw how I'd disowned these feelings, putting on a front for the world to see, and how this self-denial was manifesting in resentment, isolation, and self-loathing.


And I saw how these unresolved emotions were influencing the choices I was making in my career and relationships.


I was acting out a script written in my childhood.


I was trapped in a cycle, defending myself from pain. 


It was revelation.


I saw myself and everything around me in a radically new way.


And was filled with hope for the healing I only now realized I needed. 


This began a 10-year journey of deep self-exploration that's become my life’s work. 


I attended Radical Aliveness workshops as often as I could, ultimately enrolling in the four-year certification program for practitioners. 


I studied mediation, yoga, breath work, hypnosis, dreams, and shamanism.


I read everything I could on psychology, consciousness, and human optimization.


I produced a documentary series about a Radical Aliveness retreat. I wanted everyone to see and experience this ground-breaking work.  


During this time I continued to act, but as I began to facilitate my own workshops, I realized my heart was no longer in it.  


And so I shifted my focus and left Hollywood behind. 


My mission now is to share what I’ve learned, to create and inspire, and contribute what I can toward healing and empowerment through my workshops, courses, and creative projects. 


I still have my moments of doubt and fear, but I’ve developed a set of guiding principles and practical tools that keep me grounded and focused through life’s inevitable challenges.


And most importantly, I reach out for help when I need it. 


None of us can do it alone.


We all need friends, family, coaches, and mentors to guide us through the tough times and remind us of our greatness when we forget to see it in ourselves.


We all have something unique and powerful to give to the world.


And there’s a longing inside of us to commit to our lives fully, to make a contribution, and fulfill the promise of our soul. 


If you’ve been waiting to commit to yourself, to your mission, the time is NOW.


The world needs you.


If you feel the call to something greater, bigger, deeper, please answer it.  


Don't worry if you don’t know exactly where you’re going or how you’ll get there.


You just have to trust the voice inside you whispering there’s more to this life.


There's more to YOU.


And that everything you want is on the other side of saying YES.  


 📅  September 10 - October 29, 2024

⏰  Meetings are Tuesday's at 7pm CT  for 90 minutes.  (Recorded if you miss.)

✍🏻  There will be assignments, exercises, and action items between meetings. 


📱  There will be a text group for accountability and questions.

💰 Full refund for anyone who's unsatisfied with the program. 

BONUS: Free lifetime membership in SCHOOL FOR KINGS COMMUNITY,

launching January 2025. VALUE: $600/YEAR

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